DecorRope stainless steel mesh is assembled by seamless ferrules and stainless steel wire rope.
Optimal angle when it is stretched at 60°angle.

- Unique design,3D-structure,light weight.flexible,safety,high open area% .widely architectural application
- Total pro-environment,recyclable,no toxic,non flammable. Maintenance free,don’t ask any special cleaning & coating.
- Corrosion resistant,allows strong airflow.
- Easily install on tubular frame or tension cable with special edge design pattern.
- Large or special shape pieces can be processed into 1 piece which suit for installation and transportation.

DecorRope was test by Test EN1263.2014.1 for loading capacity

DecorRope size: 7m length x 5m width
Cable diameter: 2.0mm.3.0mm.
Opening: 60mm – 100mm 
Tension cable : 10mm
Test object: 100 KG cargo
Drop height of test: 7 m

Available :AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel
Cable Diameter: 1.0mm(7 * 7),1.5mm*7  *7),2.0mm(7 * 7),3.0 mm(7 * 19)
Opening: 20mm x 35mm – 200mm x 346mm
Solutions : Prefabricated tubular frame,Colored finish.tension cable systems
Application: Building facade,railing&balustrade net on bridge.ball catcher.animal enclosure etc.
Catalog: DecorRope (PDF.)

Easily Order:  AISI 316/304 - Product No.OrientationEdge PatternPiece Size
e.g.: 316 – CD1560 – H – L18 – 2m x 1m
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Candurs DecorRope Mesh

Opening Cable Diameter
OW X OH 1.0 mm 1.5 mm 2.0 mm 3.0 mm
20 x 35 CD1020  -  -
25 x 43 CD1025 CD1525  -
30 X 52 CD1030 CD1530
35 x 61 CD1035 CD1535
40 x 69 CD1040 CD1540 CD2040
50 x 87 CD1050 CD1550 CD2050 CD3050
60 x 104 CD1060 CD1560 CD2060 CD3060
70 x 121 CD1070 CD1570 CD2070 CD3070
80 x 139 CD1080 CD1580 CD2080 CD3080
100 x 173   CD15100 CD20100 CD30100
120 x 242   CD15120 CD20120 CD30120
160 x 277   CD15160 CD20160 CD30160
180 x 312   CD15180 CD20180 CD30180
200 x 346   CD15200 CD20200 CD30200


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